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Ready for a website that visitors will love using, looks divine, and you can afford?

My Portfolio

I’m known for creating contemporary websites for women in business, using WordPress and the super versatile Divi theme. Check out my latest work!

Fab Feedback

Super chuffed to work with AMAZING biz women – creating the website they’ve always wanted – and HAPPY to shout about my web design services, yay! 

Meet Trace…

Northern. Bit sweary. Laughs like a drain. Passionate WordPress website designer, Divi theme specialist, font afficionado, red lippie wearer, Spotify addict, cat wrangler to Rufus Danger Claws, dog bimbler to Stanley Stafford. Espresso fanatic, bakes things to relax: not always a huge success! Am a BBC Pointless quiz fan, top tweeter & partial to lovely cake. The other half of many years is called Billy. He runs a biz too. I’m a proud Mum to a grown up son called Joe & step-mum to Billy’s 3 grown up lasses, who have 6 kids between them, with the youngest born June 2018.

You’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties. I hate face-to-face networking. Love the number 13. You can usually spot me in my natural habitat of Monte Darlo trotting through the South Park with Stanley Stafford. Am an avid crime/thriller reader while soaking in a bubble bath. Love gel manicures, dark DARK chocolate, pottering in the garden, gin not vodka, watching BBC4 Scandi-noir, French films and Salvage Hunters. And not necessarily all in that order! I’d love to retire somewhere in Europe with an amazing view, near the water, all round good weather, and of course, excellent coffee!

A bit of background…

Darlington born and bred, but moved to London and then Europe with a PA, Projects, and Event Management career. Returned to the North East, did a bit of pay the goddamn bills temping and decided it’s now or never to be my own boss!

My virtual assistant biz SuperSecretary was launched 2010, and I had a blast – plus a huge learning curve. Worked with (and met) some super talented women in business. Some of whom I’m still delighted to be working with today! 

I’ve been creating websites since 2014, and finally rebranded in May 2018 to Super Divine Web Design to focus on Divi-themed WordPress design. The business is going from strength to strength. I love seeing my clients so proud of their online presence. Trace x


Who do I work with?

Right missis. Getting that Divi WordPress website of your dreams isn’t as hard as you think it is. Or as expensive.

Going wayyyy back in the mists of time to the early days of SuperSecretary, my website was awful.

Seriously. And it cost me a packet to have designed in HTML, because I hadn’t even heard of WordPress in 2010!

I know how it feels when you have a website that’s just not cutting the mustard: you’re embarrassed to send visitors to it so you don’t add the URL to your social media posts. The website isn’t generating sales/business, you haven’t had a sniff of an enquiry in CHUFF KNOWS how long, and it’s become a bit of a ghost town because you haven’t blogged in ages, or updated any of the content. Sound familiar?!

You’re 100% fed up, but either don’t know how to fix it, or you do have techie skills…but you’d like to hand it over?

[Enter Trace stage left, with a dramatic swish of a cape, fabulous boots, and some atmospheric dry ice]…

That’s why I now channel my focus in creating gorgeous, contemporary and affordable websites for small business owners.

My goal is to help you be proud of your online presence, because it truly showcases your talent, personality, how you help others with a service or teaching, or sell amazing products that others just have to have!

I work with women in business all over the UK (and the occasional bloke!) who want websites that are fresh, appealing, easy to navigate, easy to update, and really reflect their brand.

Don’t wait any longer.
Get the website you’ve always wanted.

Choose from 2 layouts, both the same fantastic value-packed price of £500 – tailor your website with my Super Bundles – and don’t forget my Clever Content & Copy Capture Quiz!