super-secretary-last-minute-lucyWell folks, just where has January gone?

That means it’s nearly time for your fabulous monthly newsletter to wing its way into hotly anticipated Inboxes!

What do you mean, it’s not ready? What have you been doing all January?!!

Tick off the ones that apply…

  • Posting like crazy on social media hoping to attract new clients?
  • Coming up with brilliant new marketing ideas*? [*mooning into space, chewing ends off pencils!]
  • Joining up for new networking groups and meeting the same old people?
  • Spending far too much time on your Tax Self-Assessment?

Did you tick a few of those?

I know that January is a funny month for us business owners: we are full of beans and bright ideas to rejuvenate our marketing plans and it’s just full steam ahead for the first few weeks. This means that other things are pushed back to the bottom of your ever increasing To Do list! And that means your monthly newsletter. 

If you don’t send out a newsletter at least once a month, you are missing out on attracting your “Ideal Clients”. If you don’t know how to attract your Ideal Client, head on over to The Girls Mean Business website to walk into a whole new world! Before I found this amazing resource, I had no idea who I wanted to work with and my newsletter was a “Spray and Pray” marketing message! Claire Mitchell, founder of the The Girls Mean Business has written a brilliant blog on “How To Get Profitable Customers You Love To Work With” – read it here.

Once you’ve read Claire’s Pearls of Wisdom, you will want to get super organised (after you’ve stopped crying with relief that someone is out there to help you with your business!)

AND…to keep your Last Minute Lucy tendencies at bay, I’ve created a FREE handy Monthly Task Tracker for you to add in jobs that MUST be done on a certain day every month, without fail.

Some of you will say, but that’s what my Calendar is for Trace; I add in recurring tasks and it even reminds me!

Yay, technology. Woohoo!

Uh-huh, so how many of you press “Snooze” a few times or even worse, “Dismiss” it completely when that lovely reminder keeps popping up on your screen?


And the job gets pushed back or forgotten for that week. Then the mild hysteria sets in because you’ve got ONE week to get EVERYTHING done.

Last Minute Lucy strikes again! But worry no more lovely people…

Add in your Essential Weekly Tasks to this very useful spreadsheet and print it off. Get it printed/copied in A3 size if you can. STICK IT TO YOUR WALL. Why not use Calendar reminders for Appointments, Follow-up Calls and Birthdays? (Although do a brilliant Birthday Reminder Service – just set up important dates in your Account and they’ll whizz an email over, fab!)

If you would like a copy of my free Monthly Task Tracker, simply sign up and you will be able to download.


Let me know if you managed to be more organised in February? Share your stories…