Well that’s January out the window…

January is a funny old month: full of fresh starts, business goals and not forgetting of course, New Year resolutions of one form or another, usually abandoned by the 3rd week!

So, how did you do last month?

Is everything on track so far or are you starting to wobble a bit and wonder how ON EARTH you are going to achieve those goals you’ve set yourself?

I’d like to share with you my “wobble” and the reason behind the “In the depths of Winter” quote above.

It all started in the bath. It’s where I do a lot of thinking and planning.

Nothing like a good soak in the tub chin deep in bubbles for a spot of contemplation!

And Oh My Days campers, I came to the scary conclusion that I really wasn’t relishing the type of work Super Secretary has been doing for the past few years.

During 2014, I was taking on too much work and spreading myself waaayyyy too thin to deliver on time AND maintain the high standards my clients have come to expect.

Cream crackered wasn’t the word!

Burnt out and not feeling the love

Wobble time…and feeling very out of whack. How could I fix this? Hmmm. A serious plan was required.

…so Trace what did you do?

Well…I’ll tell you!

First off, I restarched my Cape, dusted down my Trusty Boots and gave the Super Secretary website a mahoosive revamp and I ditched the services that weren’t working any more. Next, I reviewed and streamlined my client list.

I could now approach January with renewed focus, lighter shoulders and with much needed MOJO!

I started to happily market my new services on Twitter and Google+ and only accepted projects that made my little heart sing like a canary on supercharged Trill !!

And you know what? It has been a joyous January – huzzah! (and phew). February is on track too with new WordPress and Social Media projects.

And that’s why I chose that opening quote. 

There is always time for you to discover what will make your heart sing and create an INVINCIBLE business…not just for Summer but for the rest of 2015 and beyond!

Start writing down what you WANT to achieve, how you CAN get it done, put your cunning plan in place and then, as the amazing Claire Mitchell from The Girls Mean Business says, “market like a CRAZY woman”!

I’d love to hear from you if you have your cunning plan all ready but need a helping hand to get it done. And please do leave your comment below if you have had a recent “wobble” and how you turned it around!