Awesome Marketing Planner System

I have been waiting for ages to write this blog post…and today, TODAY (she said giddily) my super Awesome Marketing Planner arrived!

I do think I gave the postman a bit of a shock, whipping the front door open and demanding, “You’d better have a parcel for me!” Poor man.

And why am I so giddy? Well…come closer campers…and I’ll tell you…

The Awesome Marketing Plannerhas been designed by the super fabulously talented Claire Mitchell, founder of The Girls Mean Business.

And she has not just created a gorgeous yet totally practical A5 hard-backed, wire-bound notebook that will keep your 2017 Marketing Vision motoring along….ohhhh no no no!


It’s a 4-part KICK ASS system that will:

  • Keep you focused and motivated week-by-week, so you don’t ditch your planner by March, ahem! (guilty as heck face)
  • Make you accountable with top tools and reminders
  • Gives you an online hub with access to fab marketing materials, competitions, and a “Points Make Prizes” feature!
  • Plus….PLUS…there’s a brilliantly buzzy, support Facebook group for all of us Plannerinas! *bonus-tastic eyes*

So, if you have super snazzy plans for your business in 2017 (of course you do!), you NEED the Awesome Marketing Planner system in your life today!


If you order using my Affiliate* link, current delivery time is 2 days for UK addresses, and up to 10 days for Australia and New Zealand. (Final posting date for Australia and NZ is 10th December by the way!)

What’s the price you say? Ohhhh sorry! In all my excitement, I forgot the important bit.

For the entire 4-part Awesome Marketing Planner system: gorgeous notebook to plan in style, scribble, doodle, colour in & dream BIG; your online portal; your marketing materials AND the Facebook group – it’s a mere £34.99 + P&P.

Want it? You betcha boots you do!

Please use my special Affiliate URL: http://bit.ly/MarketingAwesome

Happy Planning! Trace x

*If you use my link to bag your Awesome Marketing Planner system, I will get a bit of commission…but when I find a brand whose values I totally resonate with, PLUS a product that I absolutely LOVE, it would be a crying shame not to share it with you!