Do you use professional headshots across your social media channels or is it a low quality “selfie” taken with your phone/webcam?

professional headshots are a business essentialOr perhaps, a photo taken at a social event like a wedding or Christmas party and you look like you’re enjoying it a bit too much?!

Or is it a group shot so people don’t even know which one is you?! (I see this all the time on LinkedIn).

Perception is often reality, as the old saying goes. And when people (potential clients!) look at your picture, what will their first impression be of you?

If you don’t have a professional headshot, people may think that you don’t take your business seriously and you might not be very professional in your attitude to dealing with your customers.

And I was most definitely guilty of the webcam selfie for a long time! *red cheeks*

Back in December 2014, I decided that enough was enough and that I needed to address the situation.

After asking for some #darlobiz recommendations on Twitter, I contacted Jane at Camera A in my home town of Darlington and we arranged a photo session.

Cannot tell you how nervous I was about this! The last time I had professional photos taken were of me and my son wayyyy back in 2002 and I was considerably skinnier and free of wrinkles! *sings Carly Simon classic “You’re so vain”…* 

Anyhow, Jane really put me at ease and the session went by in a, erm, flash! 

For info, the Camera A headshot session was only £25.00 and you can choose any number of images at £10.00 each. The whole experience was very enjoyable and I unreservedly recommend Jane at Camera A if you’re thinking of revamping your online presence soon.

professional-headshots-supersecretary-wordpress-website-designSo…what image did I choose? 

Here you are. I’m well chuffed with the result.

So don’t delay, book a session with a recommended photographer and give your online presence and business a professional boost!

The feedback from my new pic on social media has been fab and I’ve had gained quite a bit of new business in too.

Bye for now, Trace x