Hiya. Trace, that WAS Super Secretary, here! I am delighted to announce the launch of my new brand Super Divine Web Design, offering website design for women in business.

Why the name change and rebrand?

Super Secretary, as some of you may know, started out as Virtual Assistance business many moons ago. My business has radically changed since then, as I no longer offer VA services. About 4 years ago, I discovered my LOVE for all things WordPress, and started learning how to design websites. The rest, as they say, is history!

Why Super Divine Web Design?

Ha! Long story, and cue a couple of nights tossing and turning mulling new names over. However, after chatting with many clients, friends and business peers, they said that I had to keep “Super” as part of the new name. They all call me “Soops!”

And, as I would be solely focusing on a web design business using the Divi theme, hence “Divine”. My gang all love the fact that Super Divine Web Design is a little rhyme, and very memorable.

Thanks to Linzi Loves Design

The beautiful new branding for Super Divine Web Design is all down to Linzi Atkinson-Groom from Linzi Loves Design. A fellow Northerner from just down the road in Stockton has blown me away with her talent. From my initial sketchy ideas, and a Pinterest mood board where I added in pastel macarons and rainbow foil fonts (say what?!!) Linzi totally got what I wanted for the new brand. The feedback has been AMAZING too! Everyone is in love with it. If you’d like to take a look at Linzi’s website, just click here.

So Trace, just what can Super Divine Web Design help me with?

Bag a Super Divine Website!

There are THREE Divi WordPress website design options available for all women in business…

1.) Mini-Sites: 1 to 3 pages

2.) Brochure Style Website Design: 4 to 7 pages

3.) Simple e-Commerce Website Design: 7 to 10 pages + an agreed amount of Shop products

Prices start from £350 for a gorgeous mini-site that’s Super Divine Sleek Chic and Nimble…

If you need something a bit bigger, prices start from £500 for a brochure style website.

And if you need a simple e-Commerce website using Woocommerce, prices start from £1100.

And the best thing?

You can pay for it monthly.

“I’ve taken the conscious decision at Super Divine Web Design not to work with HUGE e-commerce shops and/or membership websites going forward. My vision and mission is to work with women in business who want a simple but very stylish and effective website, and not have to wait months to get it up and running.

I’m going to be brutally honest with you. Some of my bigger, more complex website design projects have, in the past, been very stressful and time-consuming for both me and my client, and I want all my amazing clients to enjoy this radical way of getting a new website designed quickly and stress-free.”

Don’t forget to book in your free 15 min chat with me very soon!

Need A Divine Makeover?

This is for UK women in business who already have a Divi website, but are unhappy with how it looks and performs.

Let me give your website the makeover treatment. Your website deserves the WOW touch, and it needs to work harder for your business.

So, you already have a Divi-themed website, but it’s just not cutting the mustard, because you KNOW there’s “something” missing, but you can’t see the woods for the trees, yes? Then my Divine Makeover is perfect for you!

I can quickly deliver new life, flow and style to your site. Think of me as a Divi Spa Treatment for websites – quick, easy, stress-free, and gets great results for tired faces!!

Prices are £125.00 per page transformation.

Stir Up Some Divine Sales!

You’ve done the spadework; your new product is ready to launch, but your sales page is as flat as fart! Aarrggh!

Your banking app is not “dinging” like a magical cash register as you had hoped!

Well missis, fear not, because I can magically transform your sales page design into a thing of beauty and conversion. There’s an OK way to do Sales (or Landing) pages, and a Super Divine way of creating better performing…CONVERTING pages. 

A Sales page that is designed not only to look great, but FOCUSES your customer’s attention on the main event – your offer – be that an online programme or download.

Visitors must be able to get what they want, with the minimum of work. Make it easy for them to buy! Please book your free 15 min consult to chat about your next Sales page project, and how I can add value. Price: £125.00

Sales Page Case Study:

A recent project: a one-page website created and designed PURELY to sell her specialist planners has been an amazing success! Within hours of launching the planner website, my client had generated enough sales to confirm her Print Run, and more than enough to cover the cost of my design fee! 

Don’t forget to check out my new social media accounts!

I’d love to hear your comments on the new brand, and website. And, of course, if you think we would work well together, please book your free consultation. Bye for now, Trace x

Want to Work With Me?

Whether it’s a brand new Divi website design you’re after, your existing website could do with a freshen up, or you need a great looking Sales page, book your free 15 minute phone chat with me, and let’s get the ball rolling. Trace x