Looking for affordable and reliable web hosting plans?

Tsohost-cloud-hosting-plans-wordpress-affiliateWhy not have a look at Tsohost.com?

I’ve been with this excellent company for many years now, and have the eCommerce Hosting Plan at £18.02 +VAT per month, but that’s because I host other people’s websites!

I need the extra space because I have 10 websites hosted on my plan.

However, your web hosting costs could be as little as £2.92 +VAT per month for the Startup plan.

And for those of you with 5 or more websites to look after that aren’t multi-sites? The £6.59 +VAT per month Business plan is perfect.

So, what exactly do you get for your money?

I really like Tsohost.com because with every web hosting plan, you get free 2GB email accounts. If you’re currently paying for a paid mailbox (e.g. via 123-reg.co.uk or fasthosts.co.uk) a couple of quid every month just for ONE matching domain name email Inbox, then you’re better off switching to Tsohost, because you get web hosting AND your email hosting.

Tsohost also support the free “Let’s Encrypt” SSL certification. You can get your website all secure with the magic Google green padlock in less than 10 minutes. I did it quickly and easily.

And finally, let’s not forget the great technical support you get with Tsohost.

I had the awful scenario about a year ago where I went to log into my own website…and it wasn’t there! Aarrgghh, don’t panic Captain Mainwaring, don’t panic! (showing my age there with a “Dad’s Army” reference!)

Anyhoo, I just raised a support ticket on my Tsohost Dashboard, and my website was back up and running in 30 minutes. Major relief and zero stress. The great thing about Tsohost is that they take a Daily Back-Up of your website, so you can roll it back to the previous version should you update a plugin and crash the site.

Getting your website back online quickly and hassle-free is a major plus factor for me.

Please note that Tsohost.com price plans say they offer free website migrations: they do BUT only if you have transferred your domain name registration over to them.

So, if your domain name is currently registered at GoDaddy or 123-reg.co.uk for example, you would have to zip up your own website files and PHP database to self-manage the web migration. Or transfer your domain name over, and the Tsohost will do the rest for you.

And if you don’t know what all the above paragraph jargon is all about, then please do hire a professional to help you. Website migrations are not for the fainthearted.

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For full transparency, I am a Tsohost affiliate (and proud to be, yes Ma’am!) so I will get a little bit of wonga should you sign up for a plan.

You win, I win. It’s all fab!

Trace x