Hiya, Trace here…and I’m absolutely fizzing this week! 

You know when something just “clicks” with you, gets you all fired up, and your head’s popping with ideas? Well…let me tell you…on Monday night, exactly THAT happened to me! 

I was working late in the Super Divine office and decided to catch up on my well overdue marketing training (my bad) — so started watching the “Customer Magnet Power Pack” video as part of my Brilliant Business Academy enrolment. And..badda-bing-badda-boom! EVERYTHING just fell into place. 

By the way, the Customer Magnet Power Pack tutorial is just ONE of the twelve or thirteen Power Packs available in the training portal. Amazing!

I can now hear you asking…

“And what IS The Brilliant Business Academy Trace?”

OK, here we go. The BBA in a nutshell…

Firstly, it’s created by Claire Mitchell, founder of The Girls Mean Business. Claire is a small business and marketing superstar, and has helped thousands of women in business, just like you and me.

Secondly, your membership is value-packed AND bargain-tastic at only £15 a month. Why? Because this is my productivity, money, marketing, social media strategy, planning, launching, products, selling, AND confidence secret weapon!

There are mini courses, Power Packs, worksheets, PLUS really invaluable Facebook events that Claire does live: “Hot Seats”, “Let’s Do Business”, “Instagram Stories”, “How To Write A Book”, “Christmas Market” and more!

It’s like having a business coach sat on my desktop, but at an absolute steal of a price.

AND finally…if, like me, you HATE face to face business networking (silent scream), the vibrant, fun, supportive, and super helpful online Facebook community is perfect!

It’s like having your very own virtual cheerleading team: answering questions, squishing mind monkeys, offering expertise, and doing our fab shimmy shimmy pom pom dances when we have something to celebrate. Oh yes, and if you need a helping hand getting something designed, written, finances wrangled, birthday presents sourced…maybe you’re interested in subscription boxes, baby gifts, cake deliveries, hand-made bath/skincare products? There are LOADS of other amazing and diverse businesses to discover, and you get first-hand trusted recommendations for fellow BBA members, who we have worked with, or bought from. 

Are you ready to be a part of BBA? Please check it out. It really is worth every penny.


This is my Affiliate link, which I’m very proud to be able to share with you. For me, shouting about The Brilliant Business Academy is not about making a couple of quid just because you clicked on it. I REALLY want you to be part of the BBA!

I’ve been shouting about being in the BBA since it launched (without being an Affiliate) all over my social media.

For £15 a month, you get SO MUCH STUFF that you can apply in EVERY part of your biz. It’s packed full of VALUE.

Did you know that I’ve been a fan of Claire Mitchell and The Girls Mean Business since 2011? My business is still here because of Claire’s INVALUABLE advice and expertise. Get stuck in, and fill your business boots, woman!

Make 2019 the year to make your small business a BRILLIANT BUSINESS!

Trace x

Thanks for stopping by and reading this. I really am delighted to be an affiliate for Claire Mitchell and The Brilliant Business Academy. I hope you found this information useful in helping you to make a decision?

If you want to give the BBA a try, please help out a small business owner and click on my “TAKE A LOOK” link.

Total transparency klaxon…yup, I’ll get a couple of quid for the referral…and thank you for clicking it, but I also get the satisfaction knowing you are going to LOVE being a part of The Brilliant Business Academy.

PS: I wouldn’t be an affiliate if I didn’t love and believe in what I’m sharing with you.

Trace x



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