Woohoo! It’s Friday – are you feeling it, or not?

This week’s blog post is all about making sure you are getting the Friday Feeling!

Has something happened this week to make you sit up and think “Ohh hang on a chuffing minute, I actually don’t enjoy doing that task” or “I really wish I had said No to doing that”?

supersecretary blog get the friday feelingBeing in the service industry is hard. You want to HELP business owners, but sometimes you feel pressured to take on more than you should because you need the extra money, or you think people will think badly of you if you refuse.

They won’t. Believe me…

…BUT they will think really badly of you if you accept a project, then don’t complete it in the time you said you would!

Ohh yes indeedy!


And the extra cash? If you hate the task you have taken on, you will begrudge every single minute working to earn it. It’s not worth it. Honestly. I’ve been there many many moons ago when I first set up SuperSecretary…and that’s another story!

My advice: please learn to say No. Gracefully but firmly, no wobbles or overlong apology.

But, more importantly, learn to niche your business. Actively market your super smashing biz to take on the projects you LOVE doing and that you will quickly whizz through making your little heart sing!


When you become known for doing certain tasks quickly and excel at, you will find clients are attracted to your biz, and want to work with you. The extra cash will soon appear, and you can cherry pick who you work with.

Don’t be a Jill of All Trades and a Mistress of None. Spreading yourself too thinly is the start of overwhelm, then inevitably, burnout.

Really get to know what works for you and your business.

Make the end of your week something to celebrate darlings, not collapse in a tearful, exhausted heap because you HAVE to work all over the weekend to complete those jobs you really didn’t want to do in the first place!

Trace x