Here are my Top 5 Canva Design Tips to Help You Stand Out From the Crowd…

I’m a huge fan of design tool Canva, but it’s now become very easy to spot a “made on Canva” image…so what can you do to make your designs stand out from the crowd?

1. Don’t go for the obvious font: I’m seeing lots of posts with the “Pacifico” and “Brusher” script fonts being used. Try something else! If you have the Canva paid for account, you can upload your brand fonts – like I have done!

2. Make sure you’re consistent with your brand’s colour palette – create a set of gorgeous memorable meme templates, and switch them around your social media. Perfect for keeping your Instagram 3 grid on point! See set of 3 memes below. All created within my brand palette, and font styles. I’ve got a set of about 9 I can use, to keep things fresh.

3. Have you noticed the same motivational quotes being used again and again by everyone on social media? Take a different approach: why not try to make up your own, or use a song lyric that suits your message? Have some fun!

4. Stock images…Everyone chooses Pixabay or Unsplash images! Why not take a daily walk and capture your own unique images on your phone? Or if you have a decent camera, use that. Snap great textures, architecture, nature – get inspired!

5. Work with the Canva Filters and/or Transparency – it really can make a huge difference to your end design. Have a play around with them and see what you can create.

And if you’re wanting to try something different to create your social media memes, try out the Word Swag app or Picmonkey.

Do you have any Canva design tips to share? I’d love to hear them.

Comment on here, or over on the Super Divine Web Design Facebook page and I’ll share them across my 4,500+ Twitter account!

Trace x


Top 5 Canva design tips
Top 5 Canva design tips
Top 5 Canva design tips