Hi there, trace here!

Another Teabreak Tutorial from Super Divine Web Design

Do you have a Mailerlite account for sending newsletters, and email communications to your list?

Is your Mailerlite content being sent to your subscriber’s Junk/Spam box?

You need to authenticate your domain name!


I have created a very quick and easy Teabreak Tutorial that’s less than 5 minutes long. I will show you how to access your Zone Editor in your cPanel and add in DKIM and SPF TXT values.

Ohhhh no Trace – that sounds like SCARY TECHIE STUFF?!

It’s not hard – honest. Simply follow my destructions…sorry INSTRUCTIONS (!) and your domain will be authenticated in no time.


Quick Overview:

You are going to copy and paste values from 4 boxes in Mailerlite to corresponding boxes in your cPanel Zone Editor area.

Once you have pasted in new values, wait for an hour or so, then go back to your Mailerlite account, and check Authentication status. It will look like the images below. The SPF value usually updates first, with the DKIM value taking a bit longer. 


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