Trace, where do I get web hosting from? 

How do you know what I want? 

How many pages do I need?

How long will it take to get my website? 

Do you write the content for me? 

Do I need SSL? 

And just WHAT the chuff is SEO? 

Grab a cuppa and a biccie, and I shall explain what’s what, how it all works, and what your investment is…


Before we start a-rockin’ and a-rollin’ we need a good chinwag! Call me, if you’re on WhatsApp, let’s chat or video call, drop me an email, or use the contact button at the bottom of the page. Please don’t send a carrier pigeon, I have a ruthless assassin cat!


The number of pages, colour palette, website specification, and what you are looking for in the design are all covered in your in-depth website consultation. We’ll also discuss what’s happening with your content. Read the next bit!


I don’t write brand new website text content. However, I am great at tweaking the bare bones of your ideas, and have Eagle Eyes for typos! When planning your website, pull together all your content and branding so we are ready to go!


I generally like to work within a 4-8 week timescale, but delays can and do happen! Clients have changed their mind about content, had a total rethink about their brand, had a family emergency, a bereavement, and sometimes plain, simple work commitments can all impact the deadline.

Creating a new website can be stressful for a client, and I’m here to make the process all that bit smoother and hassle-free.


There are some seriously bad hats out there, believe me. WordPress has grown MASSIVELY as the go-to platform for building business websites, and unfortunately hacking attempts go with the territory.

Don’t worry too much though – your website will be secured. I use either the Wordfence or iThemes Security plugins. I’ve only ever had one client website hacked, and it was back online and clean within the same day, phew!


A VERY important thing. Web hosting. Must be UK-based for UK biz. Check out Tsohost Start-up package here. Host up to 3 sites, free domain name and free domain matching email accounts to use with Outlook and on your phone.

Use SUPER10 at checkout to get 10% discount. Of course, other web hosting providers are available! I’ve been with Tsohost for over 5 years now: their Tech Support is ACE!


A necessary evil, folks! Without decent SEO, your website can’t be found easily on Google. Have a nosey around Google Search Console so you can see what’s what.

A website needs to be Indexed and a Sitemap uploaded to GSC, plus “Fetching” your pages. If you hate all things techie, get some SEO quotes from local biz. Your shiny new website will have the SEO Yoast plugin installed, ready for you to optimise your pages. If you want me to sort out your SEO & GSC, it will be £150 on top of your website package.


Google penalise websites in rankings that don’t display secure browsing. Ensure your web hosting provider supports LetsEncrypt and you secure your site for FREE!

If your hosting does not support it, expect to pay through the nose for an SSL Certificate from them, AND jump through HOOPS OF CHUFFIN FIRE getting it installed!!

Please check out this comprehensive list of Web Hosting providers who support LetsEncrypt SSL installation.

Click here to read.


All my websites come with a 30 Day Handover Guarantee. That means I will fix any broken links, minor typos that have slipped the net, and other small edits.

If you’re not sure how to update your Divi website, I will also show you how to maintain your new site, and make simple changes.

Like the sound of all this, but still not sure if I’m your woman?

Pop your shades on, and read my GLOWING testimonials. Then…get in touch!

your investment

Ahh yes. The nitty gritty. Tell me about the money honey!
Well, it’s always transparent pricing here. No hidden extras.
And your investment is worth EVERY penny, I might add!

All website design prices are a starting guideline.
Shopping e-commerce websites are quoted on an individual basis, but are usually around the £1100 mark…

…Unless you have a very small website with a handful of products?

Please contact me for your personalised quote.

You can now pay monthly!

Initial payment is 25% of total balance, with remainder spread over 2 to 5 months depending on total project price.

Example: £500 website total = £125 initial payment + 3 x £125 instalments

Example: £1100 website total = £275 initial payment + 3 x £275 or 5 x £165

A full SEO service is £150 optional extra.




Maintenance & Security Package. Plugin, Theme & WordPress Core Updates.




Let’s launch your product, webinar, service, book in style! Sales pages with WOW.




Perfectly pixie-sized! A minimalist website for a super divine online presence.




Not too big, not too small. The perfect brochure website that grows with you.




A brochure website with no e-commerce, to suit a bigger business, with lots of content.




All singing, all dancing e-commerce & payment gateway, with up to 40 products.

Next steps

Have a read through, just so you’re clear on what’s what. Trace x

check out my work and testimonials...

Have you looked at my PORTFOLIO page to see if you like my work? 

Have you checked out WHAT MY CLIENTS SAY page? Happy? Good!


Time to set up a consultation, and find out which package will suit you best, organise web hosting (if not already sorted), your ideas, timescale, etc.


Once we’ve agreed to go ahead, I send you my Terms & Conditions, as well as your Initial Payment invoice for £200. Remember: there are then a further 2 to 5 payment stages after that, depending upon total project price.

the project...

We work on the project via a Shared Dropbox folder (I send you the invitation via email). *cue snazzy montage music and video of Trace creating your dream website*.


Review, feedback, edits. 2nd payment stage now due. 2nd round edits & final fix. We agree launch date!

launch day!

You announce your new website to the world on social media. Everyone LOVES it (of course!) We are all happy campers! I can then flop on the sofa, and have a well deserved glass of vino. You probably will too! Cue us all doing our shimmy shimmy pom pom dance…

Don’t forget to bag your fantastic UK-based reliable web hosting with 10% discount!
Add in SUPER10 code at checkout. You get a FREE domain name with the Professional package – which is a fantastic hosting plan. More than enough bandwith, and comes with FREE email inboxes too!

Are You Ready?

Let’s get the ball rolling.

Wahey!  I am deeeelighted that you’ve decided to take the next steps with your new website. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Trace x