How to maintain your Divi WordPress website – A quick and easy 5 minute video tutorial

Hola campers! Trace here from Super Divine Web Design again with another Teabreak Tutorial – this time I’m showing you how to easily look after your ESSENTIAL WordPress updates. 

You must keep on on top of updates to plugins, theme, and core WordPress versions – as it helps your site stay health and secure.


I realised that a lot of you will be looking into how to maintain your Divi WordPress website – perhaps you’ve let your Virtual Assistant go for now, or cancelled your monthly maintenance package?

Here is a very quick and easy video tutorial – about 5 minutes – to show you how to keep your website up to date, and safe.

If you don’t login to your WordPress website on a weekly basis to check for updates, you are leaving your site open to vulnerability and hacking attempts.

Check that you have a good, trusted security plugin installed too. I recommend Wordfence.

Please come and find me over on Twitter @superdivineweb – and ask me for video tutorial help on specific things that you need right now – perhaps you need to take payment on your site? Or want to start building an email list?

If you can transform just ONE service that you offer now into an ONLINE service and take payment online – this will be a little lifeline for your small business.

Hope you find this video helpful? Let me know what you need video help with, and I will get information recorded ASAP.

Take care,

Trace x


Hiya. Trace here from Super Divine Web Design

I’m a Divi WordPress specialist, and work with sparky women in business who want a gorgeous, contemporary website that can grow with them, and adapt to their ever-changing needs. 

Based in Darlington, I’m a blend of canny creativity, tech geek and Northern cheek! My business celebrates its 11th anniversary in April 2021, and I’m proud to have Twitter awards: Theo Paphitis #SBS Winner, a Jacqueline Gold #WOW Winner, and a #QueenOf Winner